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For centuries, traditional Tatar cuisine, including Polish ones, has been based on simple and easily available products. Meat has been the most-important Tatar food for centuries. Tatars as followers of Islam do not eat pork. The kitchen is rich in lamb, mutton, beef, veal, poultry and goose. Meat was and is a traditional dish and used in various ways - boiled, baked, fried and dried. The basis of the Tartars' diet was also dairy - milk, fresh and dried cheese, butter and milk skins. It was practiced to prepare dairy products from cow's, goat's, sheep's and mare's milk. Flour is a third important component of the Tartar diet. Flour dishes were very diverse. They were prepared by steaming, cooking and frying. Dumplings stuffed with meat, potatoes, rice and cheese are widespread. Meat dishes often also contain a flour element - homemade pasta, pies, flatbreads, fried pancakes, or boiled dumplings, or fried biscuits. Cooked buckwheat was also widespread, which came to Poland in the 13th century, thanks to the Tartars. Hence the term Tatarka is a commonly used term. In addition, in Tatar cuisine there are many stew dishes - easy to prepare, and at the same time not requiring many dishes, which were missing in the steppes. Due to the Tartars' lifestyle, the availability of vegetables was low, which is why traditional cuisine uses mainly onions, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Tartar cuisine is also absent in spices - two basic ones are used - pepper and salt.

The most important dishes of traditional Polish Tatar cuisine cultivated in Kruszyniany:

1. Tartar dumplings - small dumplings stuffed with beef or mutton. Kołduny is a byrame (holiday) dish, it is also a national dish of Polish Tatars, which our ancestors brought to Polish and Lithuanian courts. Tartar dumplings are always served separately with chicken soup.

2. Kartoflaniki - Dumplings cooked, meatless. Food eaten on a daily basis. The stuffing consists of potatoes, eggs, onions. Potatoes are always served with melted butter, which is poured inside the dumpling.

3. Banash - steamed dumplings filled with lamb and vegetables. Dish served for important family celebrations.

4. Gingerbread - Leafed macaroni dough with meat, cheese or apples. in 2008 registered by Mrs. Dżennetta Bogdanowicz in the European Union as an EU dish with the designation of Traditional Specialty Guaranteed. The name and product are protected by an EU mark. Pierekaczewnik was prepared by the Tatars during the Bamayras (religious holidays.

5. Bielusz - a kind of large dumpling made from yeast dough. It was prepared by all Tatars, but above all Tatars from Kruszyniany. Traditional stuffing is goose and pumpkin, which makes it a seasonal dish, prepared in autumn and early winter.

6. Krszonka - one of the oldest dishes that is served in Tatar houses. A stew that remembers the Tatars' times in the steppes. Formerly prepared on the fire, and now in the oven. The main ingredients are meat and vegetables. The dish was very full-bodied and greasy, intended to provide a large amount of energy.

7. Potato tartare - typical for Tartars from Kruszyniany, very full and fatty dish served with beef or sheep meat.

8. Sweet dumplings - dumplings stuffed with white cheese. Prepared by steaming. Served with yogurt and fruit sauce. Manta is a dish derived from the cuisine of many Asian peoples, including Tatars.

9. Spicy mantas - dumplings stuffed with white cheese. Prepared by steaming. Served with butter (cheese stuffing). In general, manta rays are a dish derived from the homes of many Asian peoples, including Tatars.

10. Katlama - this is the Tatar roulade, which was once served on the tables of most Central Asian peoples. Meat filling - beef or sheep.

11. Pilaf - a type of cauldron, the main ingredient of which is spiced rice and meat. Pilaf, otherwise the fowl, was usually prepared for lunch or dinner. Pilaw was a typical dish of Central Asian peoples.

12. Chebureks - dumplings with meat or vegetable stuffing prepared by all Tatars. Chebureks are deep fried - beef tallow. A dish prepared by Tatars from Kruszyniany, "came" about 200 years ago from Crimea.

13. Shavla - a Tatar stew-like dish. Pieces of veal meat served with seasonal vegetables and buckwheat "tartare". All-year dish.

It's worth knowing that ...

The dishes listed above are not a regular feature of our menu, and as the day goes by, the availability of some of them may be limited

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